About Us

About Us

Kidzville ELC's unique philosophy recognises the benefits of providing a holistic learning experience for our children in a caring, enriching environment supported by skilled,

knowledgeable and passionate Educators who value families and the community. We value the benefits of learning through play! The play based learning program starts with our youngest babies, and prepares our children for a lifetime of learning though a solid intellectual and social foundation.

At Kidzville ELC

Children are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, their wonder and curiosities, and their need to play. 

  • We believe that children must have control over the direction of their learning and be given endless ways and opportunities to express themselves

  • We believe in children’s right to PLAY

  • We believe play should be fun, exciting, spontaneous, hands-on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging

  • We also feel that it is important to provide opportunities for children to experiment, discover, explore, create, investigate, practice theories, solve problems and express ideas

  • with the support of other children and the educators

  • We believe in celebrating children’s play, discoveries and learning and will do so through reflection, meaningful documentation, and learning stories

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Parents and families are valued for their bonds and traditions, their commitment to work, home, community and their dreams for their children.

  • Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children

  • We support and welcome parents’ interests and involvement in the community of our Centre and Preschool

  • We value and support families’ hopes and dreams for their children

  • We strongly believe partnership with parents are the cornerstone of our curriculum development. Our staff is appreciated for their knowledge and values, contribution of skills; their vision for children, their delight in seeing children learning, and their commitment to families.

  • We believe in sharing our vision and passion for excellence in early childhood education with other professionals relevant to the education of young children

  • We strive to provide our Kidzville Teaching Family with ongoing education relating to best practices for children

  • We are committed to keeping our team inspired

  • Our community of learners appreciate, protect and preserve the environment and our precious earth.

  • We aim to achieve a sense of wonder, feeling and belonging to, and love of the land, nature and animals, so that young children will develop lifelong respectful as well positive and proactive attitudes to our environment and a sustainable future.

We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts our children and our planet. We strive to offer a “homely” environment to all who visit – one that instantly says “you are welcome here”.   Most families and visitors who attend our service often compliment the aesthetics - it is something we are very proud of.

Kidzville ELC values children for their capabilities and competency as learners within supportive partnership with families and Educators, within the local community.  Each age group at our centre has its own indoor and outdoor environment . Here children are encouraged to let their feelings guide their imagination and creativity. our classrooms are equipped as per the children's individual developmental needs to stimulate their interest and leaning experiences at all times

Children are often seen spending time with their siblings or other friends from other rooms throughout this space- something we value and encourage for its rich social and emotional experience.

We believe our outdoor and indoor play spaces capture all things natural, sensorial, meaningful and real. Our play space environment is seen as the “Third Educator”. The furniture within our environment is mostly pre-loved either sourced from Gumtree, ebay,recycling centres or secondhand stores. As stated earlier, we make sure it resembles that of a home as much as possible, as well as reduce consumerism.  We strive to place natural, wooden rustic type pieces in our play spaces. Our Educators have made many pieces from upcycled tv cabinets, wooden pallets and treasures given to us from families. We are regular viewers of Pinterest!

Kidzville ELC values the power of nature and its ability to inspire and teach children. We have used this belief to shape an environment that makes sure children at Kidzville ELC we are surrounded and immersed in earthy, homely influences, filled with beauty, varying in textures, shapes, spaces and levels. Children are encouraged to explore, investigate, ponder, create,

imagine, and wonder as they smell, touch, listen to and taste everything that is real in the world

around them.

We hope to see you at our centre soon !

Meet Our Teachers

Our team of qualified child care professionals are committed to caring for each and every child individually and work as a team to create an environment which is a home away from home. In addition to caring for the children the centre also provides parenting advice and guidance to our families in times of need and early intervention programs and support for children with additional needs.

Tina Alba

1st Grade