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Frequenty Asked Questions

What hours are we open?

We are open 5 days per week from 7am-6pm.

Children must not be present on the premises before 7am and should depart by 6pm.  We are closed on all public holidays. 


Fees are charged as normal on days of absence, including centre closure. 

What do your daily fees include?
  • Breakfast

  • Morning Tea

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Late Snack

  • Milk – (cows milk)

  • Nappies

  • Sunscreen

  • A stimulating educational EYLF program

  • And above all, loving and dedicated carers

Parents need to provide sheets for children who sleep, formula and bottles if your child is on formula, a proper sun hat and change of clothes. Please ensure all your child's belongings are labeled.

General Room Guidelines
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