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Alba and I are extremely lucky to have found a centre that is so caring, honest and genuine- all of your staff do the most fantastic job every single day and have done this even during these difficult times with a smile.


So much time and care was taken with Albas transition to her new room that she’s had no problems at all adapting with the older children in a new space. You welcomed me to come and sit with her and see her in her new environment to make me feel comfortable... the tension was harder for me that’s for her!


Thank you for all you do for us xx



Hi Everyone,

Kidzville has been a family for us for 8 years. We debated a bit whether we should send Saxon to school at Ferncourt next year or wait another year, so we decided to wait until he finished the school transition to see how he went. After two transition days, he seemed to settle in well, so we decided to start him in school in 2019. Saxon is really excited to start school and we have been doing some preschool activities at home for him to prepare.


So the hard part is notifying you of Saxon's last day at Kidzville. We have lots of things happening in January, So we would like to make it on Thursday the 20th December 2018. It will be very strange not heading to Kidzsville to drop him off in the mornings next year and also having amazing conversations with the Kidzville staff, I would like to thank everyone for that amazing friendships, help and for the ongoing support of Saxon and Ashton. You have all been an integral part of their growth and development and incredible role models!

Kind Regards, Alana.



My daughter and I have been very thankful that we were part of such an amazing daycare.


Your preparation for school program is just amazing. It was great having Hannah come home all excited to tell me what she had learnt each day. She came home one day wanting to do experiments by mixing all the liquids we could find in the kitchen. Another day, she wanted to crush cereal, biscuits, crackers chocolate just to see what colour they would make.


We have since expanded on what she's learnt at school at home, with planting herbs and vegetables and flowers, as well as lots of painting, spelling and number exercises. She came home one day and drew the life cycle of a butterfly without any help!

The curriculum certainly has done wonders with Hannah's confidence and enthusiasm. She looks forward to adventures on weekends, so she can share with her class on Monday. The encouragement for the kids to talk to their peers really does wonders to their communication and confidence. It has even initiated Hannah to use the camera and also make videos.


What I value the most is how it has prepared Hannah with listening to instructions and rules as well as role playing from her class. Also most valuable are the stranger danger and body awareness teachings from teacher Vic. She truly cares about all her kids and that's what makes such an amazingly safe and rich environment for Hannah to be part of.


The parent teacher communication too is invaluable. I love the little mailboxes above their drawers and also the drawers!


So just wanted to say thank you.


Sulea and Hannah

To our friends at Kidzville. 

My daughter Grace started at Kidzville at 11 months and finished this week (due to moving) at 4 and a half. 

The word 'appreciate' is this best word to describe how I feel about our experience at Kidzville. 

I appreciate that my daughter was able to go from leaps and bounds to flourish from room to room and learn, imagine and create. Becoming a much more colourful, happy, energized girl.

I appreciate that Grace was fed amazing healthy meals from many different cultures. Making her open her taste buds to many different experiences.

I appreciate the friends she made along the way. All with amazing manners, happy faces and friendly characters. She alwayd came home with fun stories of the things her and her mates got up to.

I appreciate the love Grace received. When her Dad and I were unable to be there she was cared for and looked after to the extent that my mind was always at ease. 

I appreciate her carers (teachers in my eyes, worth their weight in gold). From day one they made me and Grace feel welcome. She always felt safe and I could see she was happy because she always loved to hug and chat with every member of the KV team.

I was super hesitant to send my baby to a daycare but I absolutely fell into the best centre I could have asked for. We are sorry we had to leave before the year is out because you have all become such a massive part of Grace's life. You all (from the office to the kitchen, from the babies to the pre schoolers) should be completely proud of what you have created and understand that every one of you have meant the world to us. 

We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you thank you thank you.

Jamie, Matt and Grace.

Dear Kidzville team,


With regards to Charlotte's development we have seen a dramatic improvement from an academic perspective where she can count to 20 and beyond and say her ABC's clearly. She has also improved her ability to identify and write numbers and is motivated to showcase this at home to us (which we are more than excited to witness and participate with her). We do not have any concerns with her from an academic lens as she is travelling as per the appropriate road-map that you have shown us.


From an emotional and social perspective; Charlie has developed confidence in being able to express her emotions as to what upsets her and what she believe behaviour would result in a "green" or "red" zone placement. We have found this very entertaining and proud that she is categorising the difference between good and bad behaviour but more importantly she understands that the "red" zone is not where she wants to be. Re-iterating the values we try and bestow to her.


Her confidence to play with others has improved, expressing her likes or dislikes immediately, but in a well mannered way. 


Thank you for explaining what you are doing at school as understanding the rationale to your teaching allows us to replicate and enforce this at home. We are focusing to reward and draw attention to positive behaviours displayed and trying to understand what Charlie is expressing (or not expressing) from a psychological/ social point of view.


Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, for giving Charlie the best opportunity to transition and more importantly cope well into her "big" school.

Yours Sincerely


Ethen & Cherry Gamboa



Dear Staff


I would like to thank Teacher Vic and the other Waratah teachers for their efforts thus far with Grace. She has only been in this class for 4 months but she has propelled in leaps and bounds in this short time. Her problem solving, conversation and creativity have amazed us of late. When we used to ask about her day she would reply with 'I don't remember,' now, we have excellent replies with great indications of how her day has gone.

Her hand writing has progressed amazingly and her coloring is careful and she thinks about what she puts on paper before she starts.

I warrant a lot of this from Marivic's teaching and her ability to bring out the best in her students while letting them flourish into their own. Grace has found a confidence that was missing before and when around the dinner table Grace even controls the conversations!

I look forward to seeing Grace grow with the help of Teacher Vic in the near future and thank her for everything so far. I am very very lucky to have such a passionate caring lady look after my daughter. 




Dear All, 

This week is a particularly emotional one for our family. Of all the pros and cons we had to consider for relocating back to NZ the biggest on the ‘con’ list was leaving Kidzville.

Of course the happiness for our children is always our number priority and taking India and now Archer from an environment that makes them truly happy is heartbreaking.

From the moment we came to Kidzville we were welcomed and felt, as nervous first time parents, we were being listened to.

Of course, all the staff at the centre are outstanding, the fact that all staff have remained the same, and always show to be outwardly happy says a lot about the organisation.

There are some teachers we’d like to specifically mention.

From day 1, David & Peter stood out and along with Peter’s cooking and attention to nutrition was a highlight.

The core crew with the likes of Bina & Lena and their unwavering dedication to Kidzville is incredible.

As India moved up from the Lillipilles to Acacia’s she quickly found a special place in her heart for Chelsea and Emma, whom have helped shape India into the little girl she is today.

But I cannot go past, Kristine.

Kristine took India under her wing as a little Lillipilli and comforted not only India but her nervous first time parents. Kristine has had to mop up many a tear, she’s comforted India through her epic teething episodes and cleaned up many a spew when India just randomly threw up, all over Kristine.

It’s great that we can all laugh about it now.  

We will miss you terribly Kidzville, I wish we could take you all with us .. and as India says I will find a new ‘Ama, Chelsea, Kristine, Peter, Hope, Grace………….’

But really, there’s no replacing you guys.


Rachale, Jason, India & Archer xx

To all the staff at Kidzville,

Thank you all for your care and support of Finny. He has grown so much this year into a strong and confident child who is ready for new challenges

We appreciate all of your hard work - it has made such a difference.

Clare and Cameron

To all the staff and teachers at Kidzville,

Thank you all so much for all the love, care, time, games, songs, cuddles and knowledge you have all given to our daughter Bessie. She speaks so well of all of you and will miss everyone.

We appreciate the excellent start to life and school that you have given her. Thank you.

Tam and Sam

Dear Shoushan and Kidzville Team,

Looking back to where Ken started at Kidzville two years ago, I can't thank you enough for everything that you have done for Ken.

You are an amazing team. You are excellent carers and teachers. Please keep doing great work.

We will miss you all very much. We'll definitely come back to visit next time we are in town. 

With lots of love.

Ken and Tlen