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Our Activities

At Kidzville we believe that a child’s family input is an integral component to their overall development.  We aim to extend on children’s experiences with a holistic approach.  As such, we welcome family feedback and contribution in all forms.  Each classroom has an email address which provides open forum for families to share photos and gain up to date information of what is currently happening at the centre. For all questions regarding our preschool program please email the centre to book an information session.

At Kidzville we have a dedicated team of educators on board. Our mission is to enrich our childrens lives through learning and development. 


Our programs are highly interactive. In these programs, the child is an active learner and gains knowledge about the world through experience. 


Basic writing activites are regularly taught at Kidzville early learning center. The foundations are built before your child graduates to kindergarten!


Our staff are committed to caring for each and every child and working as a team to create an environment based on each child’s needs.


Setting the foundations for the next generation of mathematicians based on the Australian national early learning framework!

Physical Education

Play is an integral part of your childs learning development. Our wide range of outdoor activities suit all levels of children. 

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