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Our Admission Process

If you are looking to enrol your child we recommend that you call us to make an appointment to come and view the centre. Our admission process is an easy three step process!


Download and fill out our waitlist form and send it to us.


Once approved, Download this PDF form and fill in the correct details!


Arrange a meeting time by emailing the center at We would love to show you around!

A non-refundable fee of $50 is applicable and secures your position on the waitlist. Once your child is approved, a direct debit form will need to be completed.

Additional Forms for Parents

Medication Record

Please note that Kidzville educators will only administer medication that is prescribed by a qualified physician. Please complete this document if your child requires medication. 

Medication Record Document

Immunisation Program

National Immunisation Program Schedule from February 2016. Further information and immunisation resources are available from the Immunise program website at 

Immunisation Program 

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook outlines important information you will need to be aware of while you are a part of our Service family. It is important that you read over this booklet and ask questions about matters you do not understand.

Parent Handbook

Staying Healthy

This handbook is a bestpractice tool that provides simple and effective ways for educators and other staff to help limit the spread of illness and infectious diseases in education and care settings. Feel free to have a read!

Staying Healthy 5th Edition

Letter of Compliance 

This letter is to certify that the 4 Week Menu submitted by Kidzville ELC has been assessed by the Munch and Move program, Health Promotion Officers (Sydney Local Health District).

Parent Handbook

Munch N Move Criteria

This document is a break down of the compliance criteria. The compliance certificate is issued for a period of 1 year and will expire in September of 2017. 

Staying Healthy 5th Edition

All forms are regularly emailed to parents, alternatively they are all available at the centre in hard copy. If you need any specific form please feel free to email our team!

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