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We are Digital!

Kidzville ELC is proud to recently launch our new app available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Parents will have access to real-time data about their child including vital stats such as Children Portfolios, Food & Fluid Intake, Sleep Checks, Health & Hygiene updates, account statements & other important information. Plus, parents receive photos, videos & updates throughout the day via social posting of their child learning and playing. You can also Book Casual Days, know what's happening with our Event Calendar, read and participate in our centre QIP and also have access to valuable parent resources and much more!

Only enrolled parents will receive an invite from the centre to download the app, once the child's attendance has ended their account will be deactivated.  


Menu Compliance Certificates

Kidzville ELC is proud to share our menu compliance certificates issued by the NSW Government regarding our 4 week menu.

Assessment Report

Kidzville ELC is proud to share our assessment report conducted by the NSW Government.

ELLA Educational Program

Kidzville ELC has implemented ELLA Educational Program for our Preschoolers (3-5 years old) and a Brochure is attached for your information. Over the last few years our children were introduced to French and Italian. We look forward to discovering new languages we can expose our children through the program.

2022 We will be learning Japanese



Making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.

  Our Parent Handbook will be emailed to all Families seeking further information about our Centre prior arranging Centre  Tours with them 

Please email our office kidzville.marrickville@gmail.com or go to book  a tour on our website  to make an appointment 

Sense of Community

At Kidzville we believe that a child’s family input is an integral component to their overall development.  We aim to extend on children’s experiences with a holistic approach.  As such, we welcome family feedback and contribution in all forms.  Each classroom has an email address which provides open forum for families to share photos and gain up to date information of what is currently happening at the centre. 

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Kidzville ELC's Cookbook

During 2019 our children and families created a multicultural 87 page cookbook with great recipes. Some of the recipes are used in our centre menu. The cookbook is available to purchase, please contact the centre.

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Munch N Move

Kidzville ELC is also a Munch N Move centre! Click the image below to watch our recent collaboration Dinnertime Music Video with Much N Move.

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"I would like to thank everyone for their amazing friendships and ongoing support for Ashton and Saxon. You have all been an integral part of their growth..."

Jamie M

"When we used to ask about her day she would reply with 'I don't remember,' now, we have excellent replies with great indications of how her day has gone."

Book a Tour

Book a complementary tour of our childcare centre. Each tour is tailored to parents needs and can be booked online.

Welcome to Kidzville ELC!

Kidzville Early Learning Centre provides curriculum based on the Federal Governments Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). In addition, The Centre also has its own internal curriculum available to parents enrolled in the centre and through the Kidzville ELC app. We value the benefits of learning through play! The learning process prepares our children for a lifetime of learning through a solid intellectual and social foundation.

Kidzville ELC
Preschool Program

We have an amazing preschool Program delivered by NESA Accredited Early Childhood Teachers five days a week.

As part of our 4-5 Preschool program, we also provide ELSA which is a STEM (Science, Engineering, technology, Mathematics) based learning program to further support children's learning and  development throughout STEM learning processes. ELSA allows children to play, experiment and make sense of the world around them – which is part of STEM, and also part of being a child. ELSA’s STEM Practices encourage children to ask questions, make predictions, experiment, and reflect on what happened and why

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